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  Service Tips
Brake noise is the most common complaint when a customer comes in for service. An occasional squeal from brakes when they are being applied is normal, but there are times when noise warrants an inspection.

1. Brake Squeal - If you have a continuous squealing noise when you are driving along and not applying your brakes, this could be your brake warning indicator letting you know that your brake pads are worn out. You should come in to Ray Gordon Brake Service as soon as it is convenient and have a brake system inspection.

If you are getting a loud squealing noise when applying the brakes on every stop then you may have brake linings that are getting hard and crystalized, and are not operating effeciently. It could also indicate faulty brake hardware. In either case you should come in for a brake inspection as soon as possible.

2. Grinding Noise - A deep grinding noise when applying the brakes or driving along indicates a serious problem in the brake and wheel area. It could be from brake linings worn out or from wheel bearing failure. This condition should receive immediate service and repair or should be parked. To continue driving this vehicle will lead to brake failure or wheel failure and the possibility of an accident. You should come in immediately to Ray Gordon Brake Service for a diagnosis of the problem.

3. Pedal Low/Going to Floor - This concern also warrants immediate attention. There are many malfunctions that can cause this problem so a proper diagnosis from "The Brake Experts" is essential. If the brakes are not working properly then you should have the vehicle towed in for service.

4. Red Brake Light On - Any time a red warning light comes on it requires immediate attention. If the brakes appear to be operating properly then drive carefully to our closest service center to have your brake system checkedand find the reason for the light being on. If the brakes "feel funny" then you should have your vehicle towed in.

5. Amber ABS Light On - An amber warning light indicates a problem in the ABS system that requires attention as soon as it is convenient to bring the vehicle in. Generally it will not lead to brake failure like a red warning light, but does require prompt attention to avoid more costly repairs that may be needed if the service is delayed.

6. Losing Brake Fluid - The brake hydraulic system is a closed system, which means that the brake fluid is not used up in normal service. There can be slight fluctuations in the brake fluid level because of brake lining wear, but if you have to add brake fluid more than once there is probably a leak in the system somewhere. This can lead to brake failure. So, service and repair should be done immediately. Ray Gordon Brake Service is equipped to handle all types of brake hydraulic repair.

7. Brake Fluid Flush - Brake fluid wears out just like motor oil and other fluids do. Brake fluid has rust inhibitors and other additives in it that help protect and maintain proper brake operation. As moisture enters the brake system and heat breaks down these additives your brake efficiency decreases. We recommend flushing out your hydraulic system and installing new brake fluid at least every 2 years or 30,000 miles. We have the equipment to properly clean and flush your hydraulic system and maintain proper brake operation.

8. Clicking Noise When Turning - This is an indicator that you may have an outer CV joint going bad. This should be checked as soon as possible. Delaying this service could leave you stranded in the middle of the road if the joint comes apart. You can avoid a tow bill and a possible accident by bringing it in for service at Ray Gordon Brake Service.

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